I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Yummy! Delicious! Yes, that is usually the first response you get whenever you mention the word ice cream. After all who does not love ice creams?

  Happy, sad, angry, anxious, no matter what mood you’re in, you can never say no to this delicacy. What makes it even more of a hit is the fact that you have innumerable flavours to choose from. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch, black currant, which one’s your pick? Whether you’re a ten-year old kid or an eighty-year old man, ice creams can never go off your list of favourites. Morning, afternoon, evening or late night, ice creams can be a great companion to hang out with, any time of the day. Sticks, cones, cups, kulfis, you can have one for each day of the week. Though usually considered a dessert yet who cares? You love it, you can have it whenever you want to. No rules there!

  I still have those fond memories of my childhood when I would stand at my doorstep, waiting for the ice cream vendor to pass by. No sooner did I hear  the ring of his bicycle bell than I’d race off to get the ice cream of my choice. And I’m sure many of you reading this would be able to relate to this too. The relish and delight I experience in savouring down an ice cream is beyond words. Even as a twenty three-year old today, that fetish for ice creams in me is still the same, not a tad less. And honestly, no matter where I go, to the movies, shopping or even  while simply hanging around with friends, I can never stop myself from getting one. The temptation is just too hard to resist.

  So guys, how many of you out there actually have your mouths watering at the mere mention of the word ice cream? If you do, cheers, we belong to the same team. Long way to go ice cream lovers. May we have many more years to relish this delicacy.



A Life I Could Choose

  It is human nature to never be satisfied with what we already have. To keep yearning for more. This, I agree, makes us work harder and achieve more but also, this never ending desire for something so undefined also creates in us a sense of dissatisfaction. All we see around us are discontent people. People, who are so busy trying to fulfill their wishes that they fail to appreciate all the blessings they already have.

Okay, let me ask you a question, how many of you would like to switch lives with a person of your choice? I’m sure most of you would. Some of you would want to step into the shoes of a celebrity’s, some into that of a friend’s while the others would choose their neighbour’s. And sadly, very few would actually decline this offer and prefer to live their own lives, with what they already have. And I, very happily so, belong to this category. I actually love my life, with all that God has blessed me with and I desire nothing else. I’m not being judgmental about the people who’d like to trade their lives for somebody else’s. I’m not looking down upon you. It is just that I am happy with what I have and would never want to change anything about it.

I have the best parents (okay, everybody has the best parents, they can’t and shouldn’t be pitted against each other), the best relatives and the best of friends I could ever ask for. I’m proud of what I’ve done in the past, what I’m doing in the present and hope so for the future too. I don’t claim to have a perfect life. I have had my fair share of hardships as well. But I’m not complaining. I believe every pothole on my way has made me stronger, taught me a lesson. Every problem I’ve come across in the past has given me the strength and courage to face all the new ones in the future. The mistakes I’ve made have left scars that remind me of all the stupid things I’ve done in the past and keep me away from repeating them. But on the brighter side, I have so many good experiences, enough to mask the bad ones with. All the fond memories of my childhood, the times spent with my family and friends. The huge amount of joy and delight these people brought into my life. The things they did for me. The way they encouraged me to work hard and achieve my goals. The way they stood by me through thick and thin. These things are such a great blessing to me, so much more than what I could have ever asked for that I have nothing to regret.

Yes, if given an opportunity to live a life I could choose, I would very proudly go for the one I already have. Nothing more, nothing else.


My Choice Of A Pet. If Only I Could.

I’m sure most of you reading this would love to have a pet. In fact, a majority of you would already have one. Anyway, what do you have? A kitten, a puppy? I am no exception. I am dying to get a pet for myself as well. And not just any other pet, but a dolphin and a penguin. Yes, you read it right, a dolphin and a penguin it would be! Some of you may call me insane and crazy. After all, who on earth could ever wish for something like that? But who cares, if what I desire is impractical and next to impossible? How many of our wishes do actually come true?

I have always wanted a pet, a companion to play with, a friend to have fun with. Somebody who’ll always be around. Somebody who’ll love you selflessly without any expectations. However, I could never have one. My mother was too concerned about the animal pooping around and messing up the house. Nevertheless, this desire within me to own a pet someday never actually died out, though my choice of the animal sure did change. And I’m very sure of what I want. Trust me, the day they legalize owning a dolphin and a penguin as pets, I’ll be the first to order one for myself.

Com’on, who does not like these animals? The innocence and cuteness they carry is beyond words. Many of you must have seen Happy Feet. Who would not have fallen in love with penguins after watching that movie? They are just adorable! And so are dolphins.

I may never get an opportunity to go to one of those amusement parks which hosts those dolphin shows, to have a glimpse of those wonderful creatures. And of course, I can’t settle down in the Antarctica to be with the penguins. I’d rather have these animals at home, right by my side, with the liberty to play with them whenever I want to. I know that calls for a lot. I would have to have different environments for each of these animals. A make-believe snow area for the penguin and a pool for the dolphin. And yes, looking after them wouldn’t be much of a cakewalk either. But who cares? I know I want these. And if I could have them I’m willing to go to any extent to take good care of them.

The mere thought of having these animals at home gives me goosebumps. Life would actually be fantastic. It would be like living in a world of your dreams. Oh! If only wishes could come true! If only I could make the rules!


The Rhythm Of Rain

  Now, as I sit to write this down, I can see the darkened sky outside and the rain pelting down with all its might. The splattering of the raindrops against the window sill seems to hypnotize me and take me to another world of beauty and charm. The beauty of nature. Astonishing!

Now, not everybody loves rain. Most of us know the famous nursery rhyme, ‘Rain, rain go away; Come again another day.’ So you see, even the person who came up with this didn’t quite like rain. Many of you will say you hate the dampness that the monsoons bring with them. You prefer the warmth of the sunlight, the dryness and comfort that summers have.  Nonetheless, the monsoons have an enexplicable sense of romance attached to them. The sound, the smell that emerges from the rain drops hitting the parched ground, the sight, everything is a confirmation that the world around you is still beautiful, still worth living in.

I remember, how as a kid, I’d impatiently wait for the first monsoon showers. And no sooner did the first drop hit the ground than I’d run out into the garden. The feeling of the rain drops pouring against your skin, the feeling of getting drenched, the freshness, everything is beyond explanation. Who wouldn’t fall in love with rain? Then, those rainy days when school would declare a holiday, what bliss!

I agree, the rains can be a huge plan spoiler too. And I am no exception. There have been so many ocassions in the past when many of my long planned outings have been dropped because of the sudden showers. But that does not make me hate the rains either. In fact, nothing can ever create even a speck of dislike within me about the monsoons. I am wholly and completely a loyal devotee of those water drops. And I will always remain one.

Lastly, I would like to mention the famous scene from the Hindi movie, Shree 420. Who can forget the iconic scene of Raj Kapoor and Nargis, nestling under that black umbrella in the pourin rain, looking deep into each other’s eyes as they sing,’Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua.’ True, the monsoons have an undefined charisma and appeal about them that can draw anybody closer and make them fall in love with the world, their lives.

My Idea Of A Perfect Boyfriend

  I know what you are thinking, perfect boyfriends don’t exist. However I am sure, every girl on this planet still secretly hopes that some day, out of nowhere, would a man of her dreams, perfect in every respect, quietly step into her life and make it worth living. But what would a perfect boyfriend be like?

  Okay, looks definitely top the list. Some of you may call it irrational and unjustified. After all how you look does not define how you are as a person. But sorry guys, looks do matter to quite a large extent. Some girls prefer lean men while the others would rather go for brawny ones. No questions there, completely your choice. And of course who would not want her man to be drop dead gorgeous? Somebody who is able to make the other girls envy you  for what you have? Now men, beware! Looks are not the only thing. Just because you look like George Clooney or Shahrukh Khan does not mean any girl would come running into your arms. You definitely have to have the best personality to sweep her off her feet. And the quality that stands out here as a big turn on for girls is a very good sense of humour. Yes, you should be able to make her laugh at your jokes. Now let me get that straight, no cheesy jokes but witty ones. Next would be your dressing sense. A girl would definitely like to hang out with a guy in a tee but when it comes to a man of her dreams, it would definitely be someone who is sophisticated and has a classy choice of clothes. Now let’s talk about something very crucial. Every girl dreams of having a secure future. So guys, just fooling around or hanging out with friends all day long will do you no good. You also have to earn enough to be able to woo a girl. Okay, you don’t have to gift her diamonds every day but definitely should be able to meet her daily needs. Now, time for other important qualities that a girl looks for in her man. He should definitely be able to understand her, most importantly, emotionally. You don’t have to stick to her 24*7 but definitely stand by her when she needs you the most. Support her, encourage her. Don’t ask her to change but inspire her to be a better person. Remember, a girl may hang out with a number of guys but her heart belongs to only one. Compliment her whenever you can. It won’t take much of your time but it could mean the world to her. You don’t have to be too extravagant with your gifts, even small gestures can make a big difference. Listen to her when she shares her problems with you. Give her your advice. Don’t impose your decisions on her. Give her some space but at the same time make her feel loved and wanted.

  Now girls, a word of advice for you as well. Perfect men don’t exist but if a man even makes an effort to keep you happy, trust me, he is the one. It is almost impossible to find a guy with all the above mentioned qualities. So, if you are happy with someone, don’t hesitate to give him a chance. Who knows, he might turn out to be the man of your dreams who you’d want to spend the rest of your life with.

  So, to all the single girls and guys out there in search of true love, all the very best. May you find your soul mate as soon as possible. Cheers!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

You want to experience what true terror feels like? Lock up a girl in a room with no mirrors! It doesn’t even have to be more than a few minutes. And you’ll know what it feels like when all hell breaks loose.

  How important are mirrors in a girl’s life? Trust me, even oxygen would come second on the list. No girl can even imagine a life without mirrors. Mirrors give us all the self confidence we need. Every day before stepping out of our houses we make sure to see ourselves in the mirror a hundred ( and sometimes even a thousand) times to make sure we look good and presentable. Mirrors are like a girl’s best friend, always complimenting us on the way we look, without any criticisms. Mirrors are like that friend who is never tired of praising you no matter how many times you ask. And I am sure this is one thing all men detest. They are tired of waiting outside in the car for their wives or girlfriends. The reason, the pretty ladies never seem to get enough of looking at themselves in the mirror, no matter how late it might get. I am a girl and I know how important it is for my community to look good 24*7. You cannot deny the fact that a shabby looking girl will never catch your attention. Then why this huge fuss over girls being so conscious about their looks? We ask you a couple of times on how we look, and before we know it we manage to piss you off. Then why not ask somebody who is always more than willing to do that job? No doubt mirrors have become such an integral part of our lives.

 We walk on the road and happen to come across a mirror, no matter how small it is, we never miss a chance to take a glance at ourselves. A girl does not even spare the plain glass walls of a building. After all they too act as semi-mirrors. No matter where we go, we always manage to find mirrors to peek into. I wonder what women did before mirrors were invented. Guess, it was a never ending period of terror then.Image

Who do we live for-the society or ourselves?


Today,as I sit here and look back at the past twenty three years of my life I ask myself, have I really achieved what I wanted to? Am I happy with where I stand and what I have? Am I satisfied with my efforts? I find myself at a loss of words and am quite surprised at not being able to answer these questions.

  I have always had not one but a number of ambitions. As a five year old I wanted to be a princess (hahahahah!!!!!). Six years later it changed to being a teacher. Not much later I found myself wanting to be a scientist. Soon I was working to be a doctor. Next I was struck by the idea of becoming a journalist. However, never during this time did I ever want to be what I am today, an engineer. Now you may say being an engineer is not bad. After all it is one of the most coveted professions around the world, given the job security it offers and I don’t disagree. However, I have one question, what if I never dreamt of standing at this place in life some day? What if I wanted things very different from what I have now? What if being called an engineer does not give me all that joy that probably some other profession would have?

  All of us yearn to have a life where every morning when we wake up we are grateful for what we have. We look forward to the day, doing something that gives us immense happiness and satisfaction. Where going to work is more of a joy than a liability. And I am no exception. However, I realize that working in a cubicle, doing the job of an engineer’s does not give me any of that. I have to pull myself out of bed every morning, convince myself into going to work. There seems to be no satisfaction in what I do, no pleasure, no enthusiasm. This is when I ask myself,what is it that I actually want from life? And then I hear an inner voice telling me, a writer is what I want to be, writing is what would give me back all that happiness and contentment that I seem to have lost.

  Again, people may bombard me with questions. Why do you want to give up such an honourable job? Why do you want to throw away all those years of hardwork you put in to become an engineer? Why change your profession now? And in response to this I have another question, why stop somebody from doing something she dearly wants? Why stop her from doing something where her heart belongs? Yes, I am not giving up my engineering profession right away but what if I wanted to? Why does the society have to impose so many restrictions on an individual’s wants and desires? There is no limit to the age you want to be happy. Why do we have to live for what others expect from us? Why not do something that we want to do and not what others want us to do? If writing is what gives me a feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction, why not do that? Why do we always have to worry about how the society wants to see us, who the people around us want us to be? Why not just be ourselves and do what our heart tells us? Finally I have just one question, who do we live for, the society or ourselves?




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